Traditional Sea Salt

Known in Portugal as Flor de Sal, the most sophisticated and refined of all salts is a traditional sea salt, hand-harvested, collected by workers who scrape only the top layer of salt before it sinks to the bottom of large salt pans (salinas). Daily harvested directly from the ocean, Flor de Sal is a prized culinary ingredient that undergoes no industrialized processing prior to being packaged.

Portuguese salt workers used to refer to Flor de Sal as 'salt cream' as it is collected from the saltpan surface as cream is from the milk. This top layer of salt produces the finest and most mineral-rich crystals (such as magnesium, iron and calcium), which are particularly good for your health.

Flor de Sal in modern gastronomy

This delicate marine salt know in culinary circles as fleur de sel is one of the most highly prized ingredients in kitchens and restaurants throughout the world, and one of the absolute finest condiments. Due to it’s special flavour and richness in oligoelements and micronutrients it’s broadly used by connoisseurs, gourmets and chefs de cosine.

Just so you are aware, this is a wet sea salt not intended to be put in a regular salt grinder nor used during the cooking process. It is usually used as is, as the grain size is not that large.

Flor de Sal is used to season dishes prior to serving as the final touch in meal preparation, transforming the natural flavours into a more intense, pleasant and distinguished taste. Used solely as a finishing salt, applied by hand, delicately rubbing between thumb and forefinger, or by sprinkling lightly from a spoon.

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