Bica Cheese

Bica (de queijo) is a raw farmhouse gourmet delicious cheese made from a blend of cow, goat, and sheep's milk. Bica has a distinctive yet mild, buttery flavor and a satiny texture. Like most portuguese cheeses, Bica has a slightly salty flavor because its milk comes from animals that graze on land that sits by the sea. Enjoy it with a medium-bodied red wine before the meal, or with a glass of Port for dessert.

"Bica de Queijo" loosely translated means "bag of cheese". And that is exactly what this cheese looks like. When the curd is fresh, it is placed in a cheese cloth and twisted up into a "bag". As the cheese firms up, the cloth is removed, but its imprint remains, giving rise to its name.

Bica de Queijo is produced in Póvoa de Lanhoso in Minho region (north of Portugal). This is considered the capital of Filigrana, the traditional Portuguese 19,2K gold jewellery. In Póvoa do Lanhoso you may visit Museu do Ouro de Travassos (gold museum).

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