Castelo Branco Cheese (DOP)

Queijo de Castelo Branco is a typical handmade cured cheese with a half-compact or half-soft paste, slightly yellow with a few holes, obtained after raw sheep’s milk coagulation by infusion of "Cynara Cardunculus" thistle. It has a yellowish shade rind, a strong, distinctive aroma, but a mild and particular flavour.

Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco (meaning "white castle") spreads over the eastern slope of a small hill rising from a vast plateau. In 1851, the town was thus described by Alexandre Herculano:«The Beira Baixa, when one looks round, looks like a plain, and on its middle rises the hill of Castelo Branco, whose eastern slope the town brightens.» The situation endowed Castelo Branco with all the features of a fortress town and, for centuries, determined its purposes and duties. Its defensive function is witnessed by the Castle, erected in a good strategic position, from where, in a clear day, can be seen all of the upper course of the River Tagus, right up to the border.

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